Novalisoffice was created by Luka Ballarin to provide tailor-made services to wellness professionals.

Forced to note that the communication of wellness professionals is too often a complicated point to manage for them, we help you in the realization of an effective communication implemented in an effective marketing strategy.

We are aware that communication is not the only “blocking” point for professionals, we have developed a series of specific services for each actor.

We provide you with a team of professionals to support you according to your needs.

Who is Luka ?


After a hotel training and a master’s degree in Marketing, Luka discovered wellness and personal development activities by starting by “chance” a job as a waiter in a large group reception center in February 2012. This is the beginning of the adventure, since his career path led him to be the commercial manager of this place for 3 years and he will actively participate in the reopening of the Trimurti centre in 2018 until May 2019.

It is these multiple experiences and encounters that will allow Luka to quickly discover almost all the activities related to well-being and personal development and to forge strong links with the actors in this universe.

He then decided to set up services that would provide qualitative information on these activities, while providing an ethical framework for this communication.

Between 2015 and 2018, Luka created the first site (no longer in his possession today) – which proposed to promote workshops, places, therapists and an encyclopedia of wellness activities.

In 2016, the website will be launched to help organizers present their events and also to provide exhibitors and the general public with easy access to relevant and up-to-date information.

In 2019, opens to help facilitators find places to host wellness and personal development activities.

In 2019, Novalis opened its doors to support wellness professionals in the development of their business.

Today, it is still driven by the idea of widely disseminating information to the general public, its objective: The promotion and democratization of well-being and personal development activities

You can write to Luka at the following address:

We wish you a pleasant visit on our website.